Libra And Its Balancing Act

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Libra the seventh sign in the Zodiac, represented by scales, reflects equanimity, judgment power and harmonious nature. An extrovert sign, people born under the sign, Libra are critical, charming, elegant and are blessed with impartial judgement power. Librans have a good taste, are admirers of beauty , nature lovers, gentle and are blessed with psychic extent or intuition power, especially for those whom they care for. People with the sign which represents balance show that they want their lives to be harmonious, stable and congruous but yet they are very critical and diplomats.

Having immense sense of fashion, people with Libra Zodiac sign sign are extravagant, spendthrifts and also envious at times. If formed an opinion, its difficult to change what they stand by. However they seek continuous approval from people around.

They are elegant, even tempered, sensitive, optimistic, fun loving and socially amicable. Librans take pride in what they are and make you feel special when around them. They have great understanding, specially the emotional needs and are very compassionate. They dislike unfaithfulness, can't stand atrocity, brutality. Being harmonious in nature they also oppose conflict between people around and can compromise to maintain peace. They are very cooperative, heroes of their circle, handsome, attractive, intellectual and have a good sense of humor. Great artisans, people with their zodiac signs as Libra have good perception skills, understanding which often is reflected in their work.

On the personal front, Librans are very amicable, cooperative, caring, sensitive, emotional with their people. Their marriages are mostly successful because their loving and caring nature. They believe in kindness towards its people and often compromise in the tiffs between the loved ones. They are truly the most empathetic signs among the other 12 zodiacs.

The Libra sign makes people moody who sometime get indecisive, impatient, fluctuating, jealous, demand great attention and can be extremely rigid at times

Libra men may indulge into gambling and on the other hand, women are quite spendthrift, showoff and careless. Both can at times lie and may run into trouble as they are great gossipers. They Often try to be the center of attention, by intruding into others matters.

At work place, Librans can be very unpredictable. They are a surprise package, one day very enthusiastic, zestful and the other day totally dull, disinterested. Blessed with critical analysis, they often show good judgment and can see others opinion. They dislike dirty work or lower jobs. Librans are good as administrators, antique dealers, lawyers, bankers, civil servants, fashion critics and are also good in entertainment career stream.

As per the modern astrologers, Libra is the zenith sun sign of the year, as it is placed at the time where everyone enjoys the fruits of their hard work. This charming, hardworking, trustworthy sun sign is mostly amicable with all the sun signs but it blends well with Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius.

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Libra And Its Balancing Act

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This article was published on 2010/11/14
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